Who am I

My name is Konstantinos and I am currently a software/systems architect in the are of cybersecurity for the Siemens Mobility GmbH in Erlangen, Germany. My work focuses on the security of the software development lifecycle, requirements engineering, architectural and security aspects of system design, etc.

Before switching to IT, I worked as a robotics researcher in the US as well as in Germany. Between 2005 and 2014, I had the opportunity to work with several systems among which small autonomous helicopters, humanoids and modular 3d-printed robots. A (possibly incomplete) list of publications can be found on google scholar.

You can contact me on LinkedIn

Old projects

Some time ago, I wrote a python script for generating ICS calendars with the Greek namedays that can be imported into Google Calendar or any other calendar application that supports the ICS format. Since March 2014, the script is on BitBucket.

In 2009 I needed a LaTeX dissertation class that complied with the guidelines of the University of South Florida. Since what was available at the time didn't work for me, I wrote my own version which is on Bitbucket. Feel free to fork it.